A Season like no other

By Dennis Lindberg

Our rice planting went pretty quickly this year. With a fifty percent cutback in water deliveries, my son Gary and I planted slightly less than half of our acreage – about 280 acres of rice in total.

This is my seventy-fourth consecutive rice crop and it already has proven difficult. I’ve experienced several dry spells during that time but this is probably the most severe drought to date. It’s going to have a serious impact in our area. In the Richvale area, it looks like rice planting is about 75 percent of normal.

This is something I‘ve grown accustomed to with farming. We deal with things as they are handed to us. I certainly hope we get much more rain and snowfall next season to avoid even greater cutbacks next season. Full reservoirs would be welcome relief for us all.

Dennis Lindberg has grown rice in Butte County for more than 70 consecutive years. He’s a well-known author and metal artist, taking scrap metal and creating beautiful animal sculptures. His civic work and love of community is evidenced by his being honored as “Outstanding Citizen of the 20th Century” by Lundberg Family Farms. He and his wife Charlotte have two children – Gary and Sherry. Gary farms with his father in the historic community of Richvale, which recently celebrated its centennial.