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Sean Doherty June 23, 2010 Sean Doherty 0 comments
All of my rice is growing nicely and coming along very well for the end of May. Too bad for me that it’s the end of June though. Hopefully the plants will make up for lost time.

I can’t believe it’s almost the Fourth of July. Summer just started and I feel like it's almost over, and it gets faster and faster every year. Summer for me is the best time of the year. The farm is pretty slow and the weather is nice for quitting early and going fishing with the kids, going on vacation or having a barbecue.

My wife Melissa is deep into planning our summer and has most of it all booked up already. We always try to do something with the kids every summer. This year the big trip is looking like San Diego and Legoland in Carlsbad, which will be a treat for Hannah, Gus and Mary. They can’t wait to go, but we need to wait till swim lessons are over, and Melissa is in charge of our Church’s main fundraiser, the fireworks booth. I can’t believe how busy it gets anymore, but it is a wonderful time.

Sean Doherty is a 3rd generation rice farmer living out his dream, being a rice farmer in Dunnigan.

He farms in Yolo, Colusa, and Sutter Counties with his wife Melissa, and three kids, Hannah, Gus, and Mary. He enjoys being in the fields, watching the seasons, and sharing it with his family.

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