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Christmas means Family

Debra DeWit December 20, 2011 Debra DeWit 1 comment
A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

Last Friday was my last day of school. I’m really excited for Christmas and to be off from school for two weeks.

My dad has finished the rice harvest, with a successful crop. The weather was good for the crop and we are thankful for that. All the equipment is put away and will be ready for next season. The only thing he has to worry about now is paperwork. It’s not his favorite, but it has to get done. It’s kind of like the worst subject in school in terms of homework for the farmer.

Hopefully during winter break, my dad and I will be spending some time hunting ducks. It’s something we both enjoy doing together and the ducks we get taste great! We would go with my grandpa Jack, but he is currently in Kenya with an organization that’s helping locals grow rice. I’m really excited for him and I can’t wait till he gets home. Some day I’d like to do something similar, but for now I’ll stick with my church’s youth mission trips.

Debra DeWit: "I grew up in Davis and have been around both my grandpa’s and dad’s rice farms most of my life. My grandpa was the one that started farming and passed the tradition on to my dad. My dad farms rice in Yolo County and my grandpa farms rice in Sutter, Yolo and Sacramento counties. I enjoy talking to my dad and grandpa about their days in the fields and gaining more knowledge about the crop and the business. Currently, my family and I live in Davis, and I go to the high school there. I like to hang out with friends, write, draw, go hunting with my dad and my grandpa, teach Sunday school and going to youth group."