California Ports

California rice finds its way around the globe.

Rice exports provide major economic benefits

Sacramento, Stockton and Oakland. Cities miles apart but they all share one thing in common – they are key to exporting about two billion pounds of California rice around the world!

California rice finds its way around the globe, from Tokyo to Istanbul. Our largest markets are found in Asia, with Japan the leading importer of California rice. Taiwan and South Korea are also key markets for our high quality sticky rice. Turkey, Syria and Jordan make up the major markets in the Middle East. California rice is shipped throughout the Pacific, South America and Europe.

Rice is shipped in three primary ways to these markets. The Port of West Sacramento and Stockton handle large shipments of bagged rice and bulk rice. The Port of Oakland is the primary shipper of all containers, which find their way to Brazil, Europe, Taiwan, and many other countries.

Throughout the shipping process, rice creates skilled, high paying jobs as it is transported, stored and finally loaded aboard ship. Many of these jobs are held by members of the local ILWU or Teamsters.


  • Armstrong and Getty visit the Port of West Sacramento