• Baldish Kaur Deol

    Baldish Kaur Deol

    Plant Breeding Assistant
    California Rice Experiment Station

    Baldish Kaur Deol is a Plant Breeding Assistant at the California Rice Experiment Station in Biggs, Butte County. She began working here as a seasonal employee in 1982 and became a full time RES employee in 2005.

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  • Antonio Villagomez

    Antonio Villagomez

    Head Chef, Owner
    Yuba City

    One trip to Cilantros and you will understand the passion and innovation that Chef Antonio brings to his cuisine. He has been a professional chef for 16 years, and his goal for Cilantros is to provide excellent Hispanic food with nuances from other regions of the world.

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  • Kotaro “Taro” Arai

    Kotaro “Taro” Arai

    Mikuni Japanese Restaurant Group

    In 1987, Taro’s parents opened a modest Japanese restaurant called Mikuni in Fair Oaks, a suburb of Sacramento, California, to provide a living for the family. More than twenty years and several locations later, Mikuni is one of the most successful restaurant businesses in the region.

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  • Chef Patrick Mulvaney

    Chef Patrick Mulvaney

    Mulvaney’s Building and Loan

    Patrick Mulvaney is a proud Sacramentan whose cooking career has spanned five time zones and two and a half decades. Moving to the Valley in 1993, he fell in love with the year round growing season and the proximity of the farmers, ranchers, brewers and winemakers.

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  • Ed Roehr

    Chef Ed Roehr

    Magpie Café

    Ed Roehr has spent most of his life in the kitchen. He has worked as a sous chef for small restaurants and training chef for an upscale steakhouse. He started his restaurant career prepping food and scrubbing pots at age 14. His culinary wanderlust led him from Sacramento to the Bay Area, Chicago to Hawaii.

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  • Russell Michel

    Russell Michel

    Executive Chef
    Sheraton Hotel Sacramento and Morgan’s Restaurant

    Chef Russell Michel has 25 years of experience preparing California cuisine sharing his passion for great tasting food, beautiful presentations, and using natural foods that enhance vibrancy and rejuvenate the body.

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  • Russell Okubo

    Russell Okubo

    Executive Chef
    Fat’s Family Restaurants

    This graduate from the California Culinary Academy has been preparing innovative and satisfying cuisine in Sacramento for the past twenty-five years.

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  • Russell Okubo

    Deneb Williams

    Executive Chef
    Firehouse Restaurant
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  • Michael Tuohy

    Michael Tuohy

    Executive Chef
    Grange Restaurant
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  • Russell Okubo

    Chef Billy Ngo

    Owner and Executive Chef
    Kru Restaurant
    Sacramento, California
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  • Russell Okubo

    Paul Muller

    Chef Partner Culinary Operations
    Paul Martin’s American Bistro
    Roseville and El Segundo, California
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