The California Rice Commission encourages its landowners/growers to evaluate conservation programs that may be of interest to them.

Strong partnerships benefit area wildlife

Overall, there are two general types of these programs available-(1) Land retirement programs (sometimes referred to as "wildlife easements") and (2) Working lands programs. Versions of these programs are generally available at both the state and federal level.

Land retirement programs generally require that an agricultural landowner set-aside a specific piece of land for some significant duration of time (i.e., 10-30 years) or even retire that land into perpetuity. The landowner/growers is then eligible for either a one-time payment or an annual rental payment for the retirement of his/her land. In most cases, the land is then managed for wildlife values without the ability for the landowner to farm the property.

Working lands programs are those that offer the landowner an incentive payment for a practice or an installation that offers certain environmental benefits. These might include activities that benefit wildlife, water quality, air quality or soil erosion.

Please check back soon for updated information on conservation programs. If you seek immediate assistance, please contact Environmental Affairs Manager Paul Butter at or (916) 387-2264.